The DH2 (Dirty Harry 2)


The DH2 (Dirty Harry 2)


After all this is Eastwood country……..

We first introduced the Dirty Harry last year, as continuous rocker board with a lot of tail rocker and a deep single all the way through.  This year, with the DH2, we have taken that same board and domed the deck a little, created a more traditional pulled back foil with less foam up front, and the results are stellar.  We have also increased the tail rocker and the depth of the concave, again giving the board a little more spunk; This is a High Performance shortboard; that carries a lot of speed in hollower waves and gets on rail quick.  Very good board for modern surfing below and above the lip.  Ride this board in medium fast punchy waves.  Good for airs.

Order this board the same as you are tall or up to 1" shorter.

Other available options are the DH2 Short, and the Dirty Harry Stepup.

Starting at $600

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