The Ham and Cheese

Our original daily driver shortboard. A daily standard shortboard for performance surfer. The shortboard that kicked it all off for us. This shortboard is a blend of high performance and stability to create an all in one daily driver. Thinner and less foam than the Ham2.0 this board is fast and agile. It was received through a kind of cult following at the beginning of route one where high performance surfers could use this board just about anywhere, any time. Lots of nose and tail flip on this board makes it spicy. And the flat section under the front foot makes it fast. The loose feeling in the tail is predictable, the paddle is good, and it has a knifey rail for critical sections. However, it has less drive than the updated version the Ham2.0 and less paddle power. A great board with a little more performance under the foot of a better surfer than the Ham2.0. Custom orders only. If you remember it, and you loved it, we still make it. But we kinda sold you out for a more user friendly platform in the Ham2.0 which can be an option to go shorter. But again, we will still make on for you all day long. : ) Standard dimensions: 5-10 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 at 25.5 liters.


Starting at $675