The Stranger Danger

The Stranger Danger is a shortboard we built with team rider Dane Anderson. With this board we wanted something with a lot of rocker for hard on rail performance, with a wider plan shape and more foam for more functionality as a daily driver in a wide variety of conditions. A travel savvy board, that can contest. Using the Ham as our template, we made this board with a more continuous rocker, and left the deep double to vee in the concaves to bring back the flip in the rail, and eliminated the hip. This gave us a lot of drive and hold on rail, but still allowed the extra width to lay over on rail easily as well. And the result was a board the NSSA kids and traveling surfers picked up on right away. Average Dims: 5-11 x 19 x 2 7/16 at 28.5 liters.


Starting at $675