The Ham 2.0

This model is an updated re-write of our original Ham and Cheese shortboard. Your average lunchbox shortboard. Following the design intent, plan shape and rocker of the original, this board is intended to be your daily driver of choice for a shortboard that can handle a wide variety of conditions. This board has a wide speed box in the outline running through the middle third of the board with a wider nose and tail, marrying up to a flat spot through the middle third of the rocker. This allows the board to maintain speed through flat sections and create a really user friendly platform for the average surfer and or average wave condition. Through the tail and nose of the board we have a little bit of flip creating a little more rocker and release for easy turning and adjustments in more critical sections of a wave. The uodated foil on this board spreads foam generously throughout the board from nose to tail for an easy to paddle shortboard that again maintains speed. From beginner to advanced you will find this board to fill the vast majority of your surfing requirements on a performance level and makes a great travel companion. Average Dims: 5-10 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4 at 26 liters.


Starting at $675