The Promnight

For when its time to step it up, and try to score. This board has a lot of rocker and a lot of performance. But don’t let that fool you it still paddles. The intent of this board is to shorten up the radius and make a 6-8 feel like a 6-3 when the wall accommodates, but still lock in the barrel with a more forward stance as well. More foam in the rear of this board helps the wave pick you up from deep, but it also allows the board to project and drive like a shortboard. This board is a spicy and thin performance board for those days when its really hollow, or big lined up walls. Foam throughout and a little bit of vee under the nose help this board paddle and roll right in. This board has been ridden everywhere from Sunset to Pascuales and everywhere in between. If consistency and performance is the ask, its the answer. Ride this board 8” taller than you are, 1/8 thicker than your shortboard at the same width. Average Dims: 6-8 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/2. Comes standard in StepUp Glass Job (6oz bottom, and a 4oz plus 4s deck) and 7mm Appelcore Stringer with a heavier foam weight. Recommended in Epoxy.


Starting at $775