The Super Tramp

The Super Tramp is a really high performance approach to a retro plan shape. This board has a good amount of rocker, thin rails and a medium amount of foam spread evenly throughout the board. A little bit of tail flip and really deep single to double concave throughout as well. The goal was to create a fishy board, to feed that need for more foam and speed, but still have the board feel as homey and predictable as a lose performance thruster. Less twin fin. More thruster. I think you will find this board holds a rail just like a shorty, and paddles and skates just like a fish. Ride this board as short as 6 inches less than your height, and 3 liters more volume than your performance board. Average Dims: 5-5 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8 with K2 Keels from futures.


Starting at $675